Legendary Landrace Strains by The King of Nepal

My Story

          For 57 years, the cannabis industry has been my life. The first time I got high was in high school in 1963, the year they took out Kennedy. The bud I smoked was so strong I couldn’t see, it blew my mind, and that was the beginning of it all. Entrepreneurship immediately ensued, I wanted to be able to pay for my own stash. I’d buy an ounce for $15, I’d break it up into 6 bags, I’d sell 3 for $5 each to get my money back. The rest went to Good Ol’ Joe.

          An ounce quickly became a pound, a pound became tens of pounds. Before I knew it, I was a wholesaler traveling and selling in all of the major metro areas. Places like New York, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles – college towns were great markets too. Mexico was our first big supplier, this was before the cartels, and in the late 60s and 70s product from Colombia and Thailand entered the market. Mind you, in the 50s and 60s you could already buy from any of 10 or 15 types of hash that had their origins in countries Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal, and Turkey and Lebanon. Hash was a hell of a lot easier to bring over, it was much easier to move.

          In those days, diplomats weren’t searched, we used that diplomatic privilege to move twenty or thirty pounds at a time. One of my best connections was a UN diplomat from Turkey. A lot of the smuggles I did were in suitcases with false bottoms, things you couldn’t get away with today.

It would blow your mind, but where things got really crazy, was when we figured out how to leverage zoos. The first 747 came to India in 1973, and we were sending dog crates with Tibetan Mastiffs with false bottoms and false tops. They had an absurd amount of hash stuffed in them, please see photo 1-A. The Chini Llama had his people search Himalayas to find a Miniature Tibetan Pony small enough to fit on a 747 to fly to New York. The pony was a nasty horse, he bit every person he could get his teeth on, we built a custom crate for him. He was driven by truck from Kathmandu in Nepal to Bombay to India. 

We kept the horse at the famous racetrack in Bombay, the Santa Cruz Racetrack. The rich owners with million-dollar thoroughbreds would come over and say, “You’re going to send that to America?”. It was a dwarf miniature pony, nearly 20 years old, the bastard had a grey beard and they were shocked we’d spend the money to get him across the Atlantic. What they didn’t know, was that he helped us bring 300 pounds of Grade-A hash. He flew into JFK in New York, was transferred to quarantine in New Jersey. We thought we lost the shipment, but then we got a call from the quarantine station. He was sick, but we arranged to go and pick up the box. We never got to send the elephants because the bears got busted, though they only caught one.

Yeah man, those were wild times. The scene today is totally different, recreational and medical are legal in more and more places every year. But the industry was created by fraud, lies and deception, and control over cannabis-related information and media belonged to big players in Holland. The Dutch scene. These days, there are people who claim to sell “feminized seeds, 100 percent female guarantee”, yet you still have to sex them. How can you tell the difference between a real seed and a feminized seed, if you still have to sex them? In the past, strains were named after the places they came from. Hence, Acapulco Gold, Thai Sticks, Hawaiian. You had Afghani Hashish, Nepali Temple Balls, Kashmiri Cream, Red Lebanese. 

Today strains are a hodgepodge mixture, you don’t know what you’re getting or where it originally comes from. It used to be that all weed was medical, and some strains had specific medical effects. This was prior to prohibition. Today you have dispensaries you can walk into no problem, but there were decades of prohibition that threw millions of people in prison and wasted tens of billions of dollars. Funny enough, prior to the 40s, you could actually walk into a pharmacy and buy hashish and bulk weed, all you needed was a prescription Before 1890 you didn’t even need one. Marijuana was legal for ten thousand years, it has been used to treat epilepsy for six thousand years, and, and the munchie effect was used as appetite increaser to help nourish the sickly.

In buying seeds from me, you are adding to your collection rare and in some cases landrace strains of the best marijuana from across the world. I have so many strains I don’t have them all up for sale yet, but we’re working on it. I charge a premium because I what I sell is premium. You may look at the Tier 4 or Tier 5 strain prices and think, “Gosh, that expensive”. But you’re getting the real thing, you’re adding badass stuff from across the world, stuff that almost nobody has, to your collection. Everyone that isn’t an idiot knows that once you have a strain, you can clone it and keep it going forward. But you have to start with a great seed, and a great strain is a long-term investment. If you want to grow incredible bud, you need legendary strains, such as those as sold by myself, The King of Nepal. I was the hash king.